Got a couple of questions non the B2B

Hi guys

I’m working through the course and it’s awesome….love it. I do have a couple of things I’m not sure about

I have got to this point and have been able to play the fast workouts without too much trouble, am I ok to just keep going, or should I be revisiting the lessons for to practice them as well as moving forward in the course.

Also, I want to learn some songs as well so do I just pick one from the 50 songs list and work on that whilst do ing the course or does the course tie in with specific songs at specific points.

Thanks again for an awesome course….I’ve tried a few :slightly_smiling_face: and this is the best for me



Many of us who have completed the course have gone back and taken it again just for a refresher. You can always go back to any specific lesson at any time if you need to. There are no “rules” or “guidelines” as to how, or in what order or pace you take the course.

As to learning songs while taking the course, the same thing applies.


You can revisit older lessons, but you don’t really have to. Anything that’s important is bound to return in a future lesson, so you’ll continue practicing that no matter what. Personally I sometimes go back a lesson or two after not having played for a couple of days, and use those to “warm up”. And sometimes I do it because some lessons are just so much fun :slight_smile:

Some of the songs in the pack are discussed in specific lessons. In many of those cases, Josh will tell you to “go and find the tabs to the full song online”. That would be your cue to look up the song in the extras pack and practice the full song if you want to. Or not. Or you can browse the songs in the pack yourself, maybe set the difficulty filter to the appropriate level, and see what’s there for you. It’s all good, as long as you’re having fun!


Thanks for the replies, they make a lot of sense, I’m just going along quite quickly at the moment but didn’t want to be missing out honing the early skills so I struggle later.


This is the key. You should basically do whatever makes you happy and feel comfortable with. If you are comfortable with the fast workout, then move on. If you are struggling with it and want to move on, then move on and come back to it later. If you are tired of all the lessons and just want to learn a song, then go learn a song.

Don’t worry, you are going to slow down as things start getting more difficult. :slight_smile: (Based on my experiences of course. Don’t know what your background is.)


Thanks for that, I’ve been playing for about 18 months and have learnt a few songs, but felt like I needed some more focussed learning. Looking forward to the challenges ahead :slight_smile:

The solo section of Bad Moon Rising has already got me working so thats good :slight_smile:


You have to find your own pace, of course. But a tip I give due to personal experience: I really recommend trying to learn full songs. Even if you just play 30% of the songs because other parts are still too hard it really helps prepare you to play with others, because you don’t have the tab/sheet music right in front of your eyes and have to remember the form of the song yourself and have to make sure you’re in time without Josh counting along…

I mention this, because I rushed through the course, barely experimenting and practicing full songs - when I got into a band I noticed that these are exactly the things I’m missing. It got better quickly, but it probably would have been easier to do it right away.

Then again if you already been playing for 18 months you might have already done that.
I am just saying that the lessons are easier than playing a full song and I recommend working full songs into your practice - even if you can’t play the whole song because some parts are too difficult. Even just playing the parts you can will help in my opinion.

Also worth mentioning for additional practice and more info on techniques is the youtube bassbuzz guide that lists all bassbuzz videos and shows to which modules/lessons the video corresponds:


Just go for what feels right. You will know when. For me around module 9/10 I was able to nail Roxanne and 7 Nation Army as full songs and it took me a month to start Module 13 as I was trying 2 or 3 songs I really wanted to play from you tube clips. Now I’m knuckling down for module 14 to the end and then I will go back and revisit lessons and some songs from the course songbook.

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Thanks for all the great help and advice, I’ll keep plowing through the lessons for now. I have got a setlist of songs that I could already play through before starting the B2B course so will keep playing those and will pick up some of the 50 songs as I’m going along.

Thanks for this info too…it’s really helpful, I was aware of the youtube stuff and have dabbled with it a bit before starting the B2B so knowing where it all fits in is great.