Got an offer from one of my dream companies. NC - US

As there’s quite a few US citizens I would apprecieate any comment on the matter. The company is located in Charlotte, NC. We had just a little chit chat about our positions and desires. Not so much about the details on the process of transition. They told me that they should be able to handle all the immigration and legal shit. However, not much more.

I would appreciate any comment, idea or experience with this EU citizen moving to US to work for a particular company, anything will be of use, definitely.

Also, they told me that the projected wage would be around 11000 bucks a month. I have no clue what kind of life I can expect with this kind of money.

They told me that I will need to attend some language test and so on. Which shouldn’t be a problem hopefully with my level of English.

Ladies, gentlemen … any advice will be appreciated.


Charlotte is a nice area and relatively inexpensive to live. You can live very well there on that salary. Very well.

You will have lots of extra money for all the extra things you can buy here.

Charlotte is an airline hub so easy to get around the country etc. A southern city with lots of relocated northerners. So best of both worlds.


Here’s some facts that may help…

I don’t know Charlotte, but by comparing it to my current area using that calculator, you’ll be very comfortable at 132k/yr. Even better if the company is providing benefits.

Best of luck…


Charlotte is a lovely, international city. I lived in South Carolina until about 16 years ago and you can have a good lifestyle. I hope you like warm weather, and BBQ, which is a noun in that neck of the woods, not a verb


Is there such a thing as not liking BBQ (this is the single reason why I cannot fathom vegan or vegetarianism).


Nope. And just 10 minutes down the road you can see the big peach in the Carolina blue skies



Oh the peaches!
More than Georgia (again, marketing magic).

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I’m an Australian but I lived in the US between 2013-2016 and visited Charlotte and NC a few times. I always say that if I were to move to the US permanently I’d live in NC. Lots to do, close to so many other cool places, great weather, great music scene, great food/beer scene and beautiful walks/scenery not too far away. The only thing it’s missing are good beaches (remember I’m Australian :wink:). Hope it woks out for you.


@wellbi, I live in NC, albeit about 2 hours northeast of Charlotte in the Raleigh area. My daughter & son-in-law are school teachers in Charlotte.
You would be about an hour from the mountains, about 2-3 hours from a beach. Charlotte is an international city with good restaurants and great music venues. The salary range you listed would have you living pretty comfortably with enough to frequent those restaurants and music venues. NC politics are a bit, um, mired in the past, but we’re working on it. It’s taking longer than some of us might like.
I don’t know where you’re coming from, but unless it’s the Amazon rain forest, you will not be prepared for the humidity in the summer. Trust me on this one. It takes some getting used to.
But if it’s a dream company, go for it! NC is a pretty great place to live.


can verify :slight_smile:


The Pisgah National Forest is by the mountains, and if you want a rain forest, there it is.

Come to think pf it, I live near the Hoh now, the only other temperate rain forest in the world besides the Pisgah.

If you like hiking you are near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Trail.


Thank you guys. I would be doing research development for the subcontractor which provides assesment of clients on the basis of linguistic means used in comunication with banks in the location. Wells Fargo, Bank Of America. I have a strong chance to acquire high level management position in the company if I prove to be … who I claim to be. As I was able to check some materials provided here, I should be able to afford a really decent living standard with the possibility of fast advancement to higher management. I should also be able to attend Chapple Hill Uni with its decent Sociology and Statistics department.

I love USA and what it is build upon. Thomas Paine is one of the most influental intelectuals for me … and although I have a lot of issues with current state of US affairs, I still consider USA really, really special place on this planet.

I haven’t receive any negative comments about the move I am about to … accept. So, it seems that I will be a resident of United States Of Americe from the next year.

Finger crossed.

Thanks for your input.


You’re not alone, but there’s lots of good people here


The difference between regular folks and the group of untouchable, carreer politicians is universal to all developed countries. I have no illusion about that. I had never had any issue with Americans. You guys can be a little bit rowdy and loud when visiting Prague, but well, the same goes for Italians, Germans, Brazilians and so. I studied US constitution really hard, because, I consider it to be one of the most important documents of our modern times. 2nd, 5th ammendment etc. … there’s so much thought in all of this. I have a full shelf of books by Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin. I have the utmost respect for those people. I love US and what it stands for … and I think, I will just fit well in the society which is so disillusioned with the fact how far the US have come from the vission of Founding fathers. But you American folks? Mostly you are awesome.


Thank you. It’s probably something we should remember more ourselves these days, when looking at each other.


Cool! I guessed right! From your linguistic patterns, I was figuring German, Austrian or Czech. :grin:
Back to the topic at hand, there are many of us who agree wholeheartedly with you. I also have a shelf full of books from Paine, Jefferson, Madison, et al. In current day NC, heck, in current day US, some of those basic principles aren’t as prevalent as they might be. But I think we’re working our way back. It seems to go in cycles. We swing too hard right, then we swing too hard left. In the middle of the pendulum, though, it’s pretty great.
Anyway, I look forward to welcoming you to North Carolina. It’s a good place to live. And, no, barbecue is never a verb.


wow, what kind of linguistic peculiarities you find so specific? The way how mistakes are made, or the way how we people from Central Europe communicate in general?


Start practicing your “y’alls”.

And if you’ve never drank iced tea with 5 kilos of sugar per cup in it, you might want to start acquiring a taste for that too. They don’t call it “sweet tea” for nothin’ :wink:


First place I ever had it was South Carolina. First try was awful. Made right it’s good though.