Gotta LOVE Grandkids!

Most of my grandkids are in their late teens or early twenty’s. They’re great!! Over the years, I’ve played many different stringed instruments, but the Bass is most definitely my favorite and they know it!!! It’s always the little things that mean the most…


Nice @Lanny, where did that notebook come from? I guess this means there’s hope for me, I was born in July… :stuck_out_tongue:


Clearly there is something in that book title: I was born in July too.

I can’t quite make out what the bottle has written on it but I’m guessing that’s a little something special to keep the creative juices flowin’? Imported from a hidden hut in the mountains, perhaps?


Hahaha @PeteP… Although I really enjoy my Single Malt Scotch, and have a special love for my Irish Whisky,… my Southern roots will always “Shine” like the “Moon” with a little “Lightnin”!! Actually, the stuff I get on my own is a whole lot more potent, but I’m not sure my grandkids know where I get it from… Oh, come spring when the Georgia peaches are good and ripe, I’ll take a couple mason jars and stuff them with peaches and then fill them up with some shine and let it sit for a few months. Makes for some really good peaches!

@JoshFossgreen - Santa… hahaha. I always get a new notebook every year because I like to keep written journals on all my hobbies - each hobby has it’s own journal…

Would be kinda cool if Joe @Jazzbass19 were to add the birth month element into his questionnaire to see not only where we all live and how old we are, but what month we’re born… Who knows, maybe most “Badasses” are actually born in July like you, me, and @PeteP are!!..:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Merry Christmas My Fellow Bass Playing Badass’s!!!


I wonder what you do with the liquid… :wink:


@PeteP - Fire starter, Lighter fluid, Antiseptic, oh, and… “Mouthwash”:smirk:


Varnish remover???