A short article on Bakithi Kumalo and the bass lines on Graceland


I love this album and i remember how fresh the sound was.

I also remember the huge storm that making this album created, South Africa was still under apartheid at the time and because of this sanctions were in place against certain activities. These included arts, sports and other cultural activities.

He came under a great deal of criticism for making this album despite the fact that he was working with artists directly affected by apartheid.
There are many articles about how Paul Simon made this album and how it became a political hot potato including a documentary film "Under African Skies.
Music has broken barriers throughout the years, and this album was instrumental in bringing South African soundscapes and artists to the world at a time when they were effectively cut off. An album that was as important for it’s social impact as it’s musical content


He could have faced serious legal repercussions for making Graceland. Truly an inspirational album. My personal favorite cut is Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes


I went to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo live a couple of times, not a group or music genre i would have had any exposure to except through this phenomenal piece of work.
I have a really hard time picking a favourite piece as it is one of those rare works that doesn’t have a weak track on it. I usually play the entire album rather than cherry pick tracks

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Same here, I saw LBM twice, and one time I got to meet them and hold one of their grammys. I never would have ventured that far out of my zone except for the album, and I still venture out. If my YT recommendations pops up a group I’ve never heard I listen to them.

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes is what made me buy the album. I was into a harder music phase, and I watched SNL, and their was Paul Simon with LBM, and I was entranced. I got the CD the next day. So that song opened the gates for me and it holds a special place.