Guitar Lessons

This is probably down right blaphamous to ask this here but you guys are the most knowledgable people I know lol. I just got a guitar as a gift and I want to catch up to my bass skills with it so I can write music. Do you guys have any advice for Guitar lessons close to as good as BassBuzz lessons (obviously nothing will be AS good as BassBuzz because BassBuzz is the best)


I tried JustinGuitar for a little while. It seemed pretty good and there is a lot of free stuff so it didn’t cost me anything. I just wasn’t spending enough time playing guitar to get very far with it. I guess I’m just a bass guy. :thinking:


I picked up a guitar and a bass about the same time last year as a total beginner in both. Ended up gravitating toward bass way more, but been re-visiting guitar a bit lately. The first paid online lessons I tried were at GoodGuitarist, super beginner friendly, tons of visual cues and playalongs, like B2B, but it’s mostly teaching you chords, and how to do chord changes seamlessly.

The other paid instruction I did was Guitar Tricks, bought a year subscription - what was nice there is that it’s a bunch of different instructors, and there are different tracks you can do depending on your skill level. Lots of songs covered in detail too.

Neither are as good as Josh’s lessons, but, that’s a high benchmark!! I feel like learning another instrument like guitar, or, lately, taking voice lessons actually makes me a better bass player. Little takeaways from other instruments just cement bass playing even more for me :slight_smile:


Maybe someone else could offer more insight on the course itself but I would also take a look at Fender Play.

From what I’ve read it’s “not as good as b2b but good” for bass as well as guitar.
Not my own experience though.


have a look at truefire
they have lessons by teacher (some big names as well) and genre

did the odd bass lesson there, like their system


I saw some guitar interactive lessons / workshop, idk, something, whatever it was it looked great.
It was by Tom Morello, and he was giving similar guarantees to what Josh gives. Money back, guaranteed bad ass ( not same words) and playing songs, writing a song of your own, and something he personally did for you, but I don’t recall what.

It was. YT add before watching a video, so I don’t have the info, but if you just google Tom morello guitar lessons or something, you might find it.

Or watch RATM bass play thrus and tutorials, it might come up on those, I am pretty sure I was watching that, or

Ashley and Kate playing RATM

Yes it’s a real thing.
The funniest, cutest, craziest, coolest thing.

Two young Japanese girls that do YT vids almost daily, they play RockSmith. The older guitar girl, RIPS. she seriously kills it. The younger bass girl is getting good. 3-4 years ago when they started, she was pretty young trying to play bass to slayer, Panera, RATM, you name it.


I think that Tom Morello video is on Master Class ( I remember seeing it pop up before just about every video I opened for at least a week.


Thanks @JimP, good to know, I have a friend who may be interested, I will pass him the info.

I would love to do it, he makes some big claims, but, Hey, he is Tom Morello.

@JoshFossgreen claimed he could make me a bad ass, and IMO he did. If Tom Morello has any of the teaching skills that Josh has, maybe he can back it.

Personally however, I am not ready to take on another instrument, even one I have past experience with. I don’t want my focus on learning bass, and increasing my bad Ass ness to be averted for now, but maybe later, after I know people who did it, and see if they recommend it or not.