Guitar-Pro - Tabs

Someone here has experience with Guitar-Pro software or some other alternative?

I realized Tabs are mostly wrong.

Where do you get your Tabs???


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Hi fabiogrmelo,
I occasionally use TuxGuitar to jot down ideas. I’ve never used Guitar Pro but this is supposed to be a free alternative. Nowadays I get my tabs from actual books, normally those from Cherry Lane and Hal Leonard. I buy used books from Amazon or Half Price Books whenever possible. I was using but like you, I’ve noticed that tabs found online are mostly wrong.

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I get tabs from Songsterr. I’ve found them to be a lot more accurate and they have rhythm in them too if you play along with the tabs in the app or website. The paid version lets you change the playback speed, which is great for learning a song. Free version is fine though. I wish they had the matching sheet music, but it’s only tab.

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I really wish there were better free online sheet music resources, but if there are I have not found them.


I’ve used Songsterr as well and tweak the tabs using TuxGuitar.

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