Guitar Software


I just reinstalled the software “Guitar Pro” on my computer. The software offers the possability to play song without a real band.

I bought version 5.2 in 2009. Today I updated to the latest version 7.6

Personally I recommend this software for everyone, who wants to practice alone, but having all band instruments while practicing, reading the bass notes and choose your own speed.

P.S.: I dont get anything for this recommendation. Its just my personal experiance


In addition some youtubers, like Davie504, offer their songs on patreon with backing tracks and guitar pro files.


I started using guitar pro and love it. I got music from sheethappens and they gave me digital files and they are great to practice from.

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Take a look at

It’s like Yousician except it is free and it can load Guitar Pro files so you can see if your playing is accurate.


I’ve also used a free program called TuxGuitar which opens Guitar Pro files and works much the same way. Guitar Pro midi sounds a little better, but for practice this program has been invaluable.