Guitar through a bass amp?

I have a Fender Rumble 25 for my Basses, my daughter offered to let me try one her guitars, a Fender Stratocaster, can I play it thru the Rumble amp I have?



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Yup. The rumble works quite well for guitar.


You can, they sound very muddy though. Almost like the tone is constantly rolled off, of course I have the 100 which has a larger speaker, so maybe the smaller one is a bit more balanced


I’m new here, late to the party.

My guitar practice amp is also my bass practice amp, used to be a BA110 (gave that away), now it’s a Rumble 40 v3 (like this better).

Guitar straight into the amp is okay, not brilliant. So add one of these between guitar and (clean) bass amp and enjoy. Add any other pedals you want in front of the DI box.


I’m a huge fan of amp and cab sims. In fact I like them more than actual amps, and it is certainly much cheaper to have a wide range of awesome sounding amps that way. Looks like a neat pedal to try for guitar.


Joyo is great stuff. Had one of those mini tube amps! Sounded huge for the size.

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Depends on the amp/cab.
Do they all work? Yep.
Do some sound better than others? Yep.
I have two setups

  • Bergantino B|Amp into a Fearless 1x12 cab
  • Phil Jones Cub-120 combo
    Other than sounding great on their own, I selected both for a couple reasons
    one big / one small - for big/small things
  • both setups are exceptionally clean (I like to color with preamp pedals)
  • both setups are excellent for upright bass (maybe someday…hope hope hope)
  • both setups are excellent for any insturment (I have my keyboard, drum pedal and drum pad all hooked up to the Phil Jones)

At the end of the day it is how the rig handles frequencey response.
Some things are ‘tuned in’ to guitar, some to bass, some are better at either end, some are great across.

As usual…

A. Depends

They get really good reviews.
I held out and threw the cost of the Joyo towards a full size.
Happy with all my Joyo pedals so far.

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Bigger speakers always sound better IMO.
I have a GK110 Backiline that sounds rather good for a 10’

Watched a vid where a guy had that, the Pocket Metal and the Sweet Baby. Awesome tone!

My guitar buddy comes over and jams with me occasionally, and we both plug into my Rumble 500. It sounds fine for our purpose, but a more suitable guitar amp would sound better.

My bro has a Charvel Guthrie Govan signature guitar. He brought that over and jammed on my Rumble 100, it sounded effing amazing. Of course, he brought his crazy pedal board, too, so I’m sure that helped. But yeah, I was blown away.

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Go find one of these and try it out…you will retract that statement on first pluck…


I have a Backline 115. It rumbles the entire house

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I have this ridiculous thing - don’t use if often actually - as it seriously puts me on the outs with whoever else is in the house. But when a buddy with a Les Paul has come over to jam a few times he loves it and always wants to plug into it and talk about “presence”. I should really try to sell the thing to him. I don’t think he’ll buy it though and be seen by his guitar buds using stuff from a bass-amps-only company like Ampeg.

Ampeg BXT 210M, BXT 115HL and B2RE Amp

Super impressed with mine! My first entrée into the world of Galien/Kruger and it’s delicious. I could never see getting rid of it. Bought it from ‘a man of the cloth’ and he told me it sat in a closet by the Rectory for about seven years. Mint condition and I darn near got it for a song. A G/K solid state head is on my GAS list now.

Very unlikely, but I’ll check it out anyway! :grin:


Hey, I’ll trade a GK110 for one of those!!!

My Roland portable has 4 4" speakers and it’s sounds pretty good for what it is, those 5’s definitely :wink: sound better.

Still prefer my Avatar 15", but I also have plenty of room.

Thanks for the linky! :grin:

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Guitar - DI box (“American Sound” in my case) - aux input works excellent. Then you each get your own level and tone controls.

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That’s exactly how I do it. I have a Zoom U-44 with 4 inputs, each with their own controls. The Zoom is connected to my Rumble 500.