Guys - any tips for learning Summer wind?

Hey all - first time in the Theory section!

I’m trying to learn Summer wind (Frank Sinatra) as a cover. Now, the first few bars are pretty straightforward, but I’m having a devil of a time with the walking bass in the second part (from about 01:02 in the video). I’m guessing the bassist walks up and down a scale but I’m not sure which one. Any idea what these scales are? All help gratefully received! :pray:

The song

The Songsterr tab

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Warning! You ended up in the deep end of the jazz pool!
There are not many life preservers or tricks or tips I can throw you for a rich, deep understanding of what is going on in the song that doesn’t involve a big long stretch of focused jazz bass study to have it all make sense.

In short - yes - there is a lot of walking up and down scales, and the scales will change with each chord. What you’ll find with these songs 9 times out of 10 is a chord chart rather than a transcription/tab of the bass line because in the jazz language you’re expected to improvise the bass line to the chords (rather than play the line verbatim, like you would in a covers rock band).

Learning the bass line on this recording would be great, but you’ll have to dig in and just find those notes. A program like Transcribe! would help, so you could slow it down and adjust the eq to hear the bass more clearly.

In searching for a chart online, I didn’t find any in this particular key (Db is not a fun key for most instruments, but if Sinatra sounds good in Db, play it in Db, I guess).
My little app that I have for quickly referencing charts has a version of this, but it is more complex than the version recorded here with a bunch of added chords which would make it more difficult to work from, I think.

Best course of action -
Just take it note by note?

This is the chart I’d be looking at if I had to play it at a gig.
It doesn’t perfectly match (at all) with the recording. Lots of jazz charts will do this, where they have different chord options that different players prefer or from different seminal recordings of the same song.

So here’s the most-but-still-not-that-helpful reference I could find for you.



Well said, @Gio.

Transcribing would be the most beneficial way to go quickly. Learning chord tones, modes and how/why charts work is definitely the best but bloodiest way to go. :drop_of_blood: :drop_of_blood: :drop_of_blood: :face_with_head_bandage:


Hey thanks @Gio !

You know what, I might be able to fudge my way through the chart using the root notes, but anything more complex is pretty much above me… I might just have to read off the songsterr tab for now. This does feel like one of those open world games where you head away from the main missions and then get stamped by some massive boss, before running back to the normal game…

Hmm. Transcribe! eh? Might be worth a download…

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Oh totally @howard - I am so underlevelled for Sinatra it is unbelievable :wink: