Hang over on my birthday

well i have to blame someone so it might as well be me. but… i was at my local grocery store and i saw they had kilt lifter on sale. i could not help but chuckle as i lifted it into my cart thinking pam!!! this one is for you just popped the top on a cold one and yeah i can see this is gonna be like lays potato chips you cant have just one. guys i dont come on as much but that dont mean i dont care. just that real life thing really has a grip on me at the moment. current songs im working on tom sawyer by rush black skirt long coat by cake and only fools rush in by elvis the king of rock and roll next bass project im gonna do sunbust my bass!!! stay strong stay safe and keep on chugging beer oh opps bass! just remember this their are no rules just guidelines fam!!!


I don’t get it.

You are hung over today, and its your birthday?
You are drinking tonight and are going to be hung over on your birthday tomorrow?

Either way, Happy Birthday, or Happy early Birthday
Bass ON!!!


I’m going to get a complex if you think of me every time you drink a Kilt Lifter lol

Happy birthday!


you always get a hang over the next day i had went to store and bought the ale that day

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aw no i just remember seeing you hanging out in your house shoes all relaxed and i saw the ale in the background and thought man that looks good i wanna try it but had not had the chance till yesterday you have good taste i like the ale so many new faces i really dont know anyone except a few how you been good i hope