Harley Benton Bass VS (Bass VI)

I think my problem is that I am a tinkerer.
I don’t even have one of these and I am trying to work out how to do the mod.

Well I ordered one, and am trying to figure out the parts. Stuck on Lindy Fralin or Curtis Novack right now.

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I think I will order one in a coupla months.
Interested to read your thoughts when you get it

I’m a huge Fralin fan, but Novak is the go-to for this upgrade. That said they are new so weren’t around when I was modding. Still think I would have went with what’s proven.

I know Novak is the go to, but…Fralin, maybe 5% overwound, it has its appeal. Any other company would be easy to dismiss.

Here’s a guy who posted a video series on his upgrades. Lindy made the pickups for him apparently. They never really get played.

Oh, and there’s only 5 videos. Because, reasons I guess


In a moment of weakness (or clarity) I pulled the trigger today.
I didn’t get an upgrade set of strings but may eventually if required, maybe at least a low E.
It seems it also comes with a bonus Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 LE60x60 1x Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 LE

I guess that is a software amp emulator which is nice (and apparently worth a bit.
Not sure I will use it to it’s full value tho.
Anyway, the group I am playing with have me learning guitar and I am doing a Steve Stine Blues course so there is heaps of additional uses for the VI rather than straight up Bass.
I like the idea of low note blues noodling :slight_smile:
We’ll need to compare notes.

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Apparently it will arrive in Brisbane, Australia next Wednesday. That is quicker than a package from Sydney

That is the craziness of the world. I can get a bass faster from Japan or Germany than I can from Sweetwater

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The rest of the world doesn’t have a gaggle of jagoffs trying to defund the postal service :rofl:

Well, as the project moves on I have the first two parts of the build

LaBella strings and a hardtail plate. I don’t know I would use a tremolo, or at least not for some time.

I will also say Lollar pickups sound really good too.

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Interested to follow this, before you change anything can you check whether those strings will fit?
Thomaan seems to think they won’t fit stock but I am interested in them if they do

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Yes I can do that. I see that the Fender Bass VI comes with a .095 E now

Have any of you looked at the Danelectro Baritone. It comes strung as a baritone guitar but can also be strung as a Bass VI.

Baritone & Bass | Danelectro Guitars

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That might be their nicest looking instrument.

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Ibanez also has one, multi fret of course

Also Schecter


One of these things is not like the other

It arrived a day early
5 days Germany to Australia over a weekend- pretty damn good.
I think it is great so far, no fit issues.
I love the finish, I love the shape, I love the size ( about 4-5 inches shorter than my Fretless Bass of Doom) and it is a real size instrument, the guitar still feels tiny.
Sounds good-not used to the pickups yet but I like them.
Roundwound strings I am not used to but I like the different sound to my others and given that this is a niche instrument I may leave them (flats are calling)
It can sound bassy, it can sound guitarry, obviously barre and open chords are out but maybe high string or positions power chords-don’t really know , I am a beginner on guitar.
So, I played some of my usual stuff and it sounds good.
Really needs a pick and you have to get used to the extra strings but that is no drama.
Played some Blues pentatonic stuff, the sort of thing I got it for.
Next Ifound some surf music on guitar pro and let rip with Apache and Pipeline.
Ooooh yeah that is the stuff.
Going to have fun with this one.
Happy Glossy :slight_smile:


Interesting. The Squier is huuuuuuuge as I’m assuming the original Fendwr was.

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I had read that they were the same size as a standard bass because the bridge was set forward but this doesn’t seem to be the case, here is another pic for comparison.
Not perfectly aligned but close enough
My foot is size 9.5 (43EU) and is on the wide side.


I believe it’s the same body on both. Leo borrowed the Danelectro Bass Vi from a friend for a month and used it as a template for his version iirc. I wonder what the Danelectro is like size wise

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