Harley Benton fretless violin Beatbass FL VS

So, as I’ve mentioned in some other threads, I ordered this expecting it to arrive around the time I finish the course, a graduation present which I would use to go through the course again.
Well it arrived four weeks before I thought it would. Now it sits in the corner, mocking me.
I may have to put it in the case, in a corner, until I finish the course. Because with it out, I keep wanting to play with it.
My initial thoughts are I can’t believe how quality this feels for the price. The tone is at least as good as I’d hoped. Neck dive is no joke, but that was expected. Flat wounds it came with are good, though I’ll replace them tapes when I figure out the precise specs.
This was an aspirational purchase. I was rolling the dice that a hollow body fretless would be the next step towards the sound I’m looking for. Rolled a nat 20. This is not just the sound I’m looking for, but intonating the tone I’m looking for is going to become it’s own new rabbit hole. I’m excited.

Anybody else here play a HB Beatbass, fretted or not?

Anybody put tape wounds on one?

Any recommendations for straps to fight severe neck dive?


I can’t make any comment about a HB Violin bass, fighting neck dive on it (other than get a strap that creates friction between it and your clothes), tape wounds etc…

But I can comment on torturing yourself by not playing it until you’ve finished the course. Been there, tried that, lost the battle and decided to simply enjoy the purchase!! I finished the course on my aspirational bass, it was the equivalent of crossing the line with my arms in the air, already holding the flag.



Put some D’Addario medium scale tape wounds on the beat bass, and got a strap that will work for now.
I do kinda wish, it had shown up later, as it has been a major distraction from working through the B2B course.
I know I’m not ready to do the rest of the course fretless.
Finally found a balance of doing the current lesson in the course on my fretted bass, then revisiting the first three songs from Module 10 on the fretless.
Sweet merciful Buddha, but I love the tone on this thing!


Nice, the sort of thing I am likely to GAS over.
Fretless and a violin body.

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The bang for your buck factor on this thing is off the charts.

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I have the HB Bass VI and I have to agree from my limited experience with them.
The quality is great and even with the costly shipping to Australia well worth it.
One of the tuners broke when I was winding a set of flats (more tension than the strings it came with and they sent me a new full set free, so support is great also.
There are a few of their models I am considering for the future the only thing that stops me is shipping costs.

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