Harmony H906 medium scale bass

I’ve been teaching myself to replace the electronics in basses and guitars. I have a 1974 Harmony H906. I’ve rewired it numerus times. The last time I had a volume pot for both 3 wire humbuckers. Without the two spdt switches.

Anyway I bought a push pull pot. Plus two new switches. Except for that the switches are dpdt not spdt. Also, I have a dual pot.

Anyway, my question is. Where can you find a wiring diagram for the Harmony H906 bass?

This is Ms Harmony…


Nice bass! I think this thread has a better place in the gear section.

Sometimes there are manuals that include wiring schematics. You could check the online support section of the bass or pickup from that particular brand and see if there are manuals or diagrams available.

If not you can always mail support to provide a diagram.

Good luck! :+1:

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I’ve looked (well actually I didn’t think about the manual), but the H906 is hard to find out anything about it. The only thing I can find for the H906 is used basses. The closest wiring diagram is for another model, plus it’s for guitar.

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I would search (and then ask) over on talkbass.

Thank you for your information. I will definitely ask talk bass.

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The harmony.co website has multiple ways to contact them. I would start there.

Right on… I’ve been on that site. I didn’t see anything on basses just guitars. But, I’ll still check them out especially about contacting them.

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My Harmony H906 is too old, and no longer in production. So there’s no chance to buy parts or use the original wiring diagram for the H906