Harness Strap

@eric.kiser yeah it does really suck indeed. I’m looking forward to find any relief soon, as playing is getting more fun every day.


Be careful with choosing the width… my 4 1/2 inch strap completely covers my shoulder and touches my neck. If it was any wider, it would be crawling up my neck, which would probably be annoying. Your shoulders are probably wider than mine, but I would measure before ordering.


Back after about 1 year posting a small update, after responding on some postings already. Due to my shoulder I had to quit for almost a year. Nowadays things have changed for the good. I restarted rockclimbing I did in my teens. Working my way up from stiffness to now has helped, besides double checking the way I hold my bass. And sing at the same time, I’m niw able to hold the jazzbass for around two hours straight without any troubles. Feel really good to be back and start my journey on the course again.


At the time I posted this, I was recovering from 2 months of daily radiation treatments and bi-weekly chemo for my throat cancer. I had spent 6 months practically living on the recliner while recovering, and had lost a lot of muscle mass along the way.
It’s two years later and my back muscles are back to normal. I wear a 4.5 inch leather strap which supports the weight of the bass nicely, and I can play for 30-45 minutes straight before I need to sit down and take a break.
Oh, and I’m over 2 years cancer free!


Awesome - Congrats!