Hartke A70 or Ampeg RB108?

Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago I got myself a brand new second hand Ampeg RB108 for £65. Bargain!

However, reading the reviews it seems that experienced players are a little disappointed with the sound from the 8" speaker, which got me thinking, as the E string is much quieter on my cheapy P-bass than all the others.
Could it be the fact that it’s a cheapy hass or possibly that I’m playing though a tiny little speaker?
Anyway, a Hartke A70 has just come up locally for £15, so it seems to me to be a less than enormous financial risk to buy it and try it out- the Hartke has a 12" speaker.
This is all for practicing in a very small room rather than gigging.
I’d be very interested to know the opinion of those much more knowledgeable than me- I’m hoping to sell the Ampeg for a profit at the end of this!

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If your E string is quieter then the simplest explanation is that the pickup is further way from the E string than the other strings are.

If you move your pickup closer to the string your E string will become louder.

Video below to explain how to do it. You just need a Phillips screwdriver.


Less than $20 I’d give it a try. It’s much cheaper than a coffee table if it turns out to be a bust, lol.


I probably didn’t explain myself very well there. “Quieter” is probably not the best word to use. It might be better described as having less punch. I’ve got all the tone controls on the amp set flat for now

Pre relic-ed, so to speak! :grin: Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but it will interesting to try it head to head with the Ampeg

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Update: Well, it works, but it need the pots cleaning at the very least. Would’ve been seriously annoyed if I’d paid the £45 he was asking before he lowered the price! I’ll keep it as a spare if nothing else.