Hartke HD508 - anyone tried it?

I know Hartke makes some good gear, but I am curious what 4x 8in drivers would sound like for a bass. https://tinyurl.com/y49jc3sq Most of my experience is with 10s, 12s, and 15in speakers. I have watched a few things on you tube, but you really can’t judge a bass amp from an online video.

It’s something you have to just feel/hear in person. I have not gone as far as to swing by the local guitar center or sam-ash to see if they had one i could listed to, but was curious if anyone has experienced this in real life, and what there opinion was.

I am drawn to it, because it’s quite light and compact, and by the math, it actually has more surface area to push air, vs a dual-15 cabinet, which is usually quite heavy, and also requires a ton of power, vs pushing 8in drivers.

Or are 8in speakers just not a good idea for a solid bass sound… no matter how many they stick in a cabinet, can they just not hit the lower frequencies registers.

curious on peoples experience with this combo or perhaps other 8in bass cabs/combos


I can’t speak to this exact thing, @method72 - but I can say that small speakers can still make a lovely bass sound.
I’ve played through these before:

They sound killer, full bass register. This particular one I’ve only used with upright, but it was great.

So… I don’t know anything about the Hartke, but no need to write it off just due to speaker size.


I did not tried this Hartke but if I refer to my monitors (KRK VXT8) which have 8" speakers, I can say that some 8" are totally capable of reproducing low frequencies. My guess is that if a 8" speaker is designed for this purpose, it should work. But again I did not try the amp, and nothing would replace a real life test.

I’d love to play with this amp ! it’s so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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