Hartke KB12 Kickback?

Got a new job, so wanna get myself a little present. Thinking of upgrading from my crappy Rumble 15 that I managed to blow out in the first month.

What are people’s thoughts on the Hartke KB12 Kickback? Seems like it would be good both for practice and smaller gigs if I ever find a band to join. Not quite sure I understand the “class D power” thing. Major downside is no extra audio imput, but does have a three prong out to go to a soundsystem or recording device.


Hartke is pretty good with amps imo and your amp has good reviews. Class D is basicly any modern bass amp. For bass you have tube, hybrid, modeling and transistor (class D) amps. Don’t worry too much about that unless you really want a tube sound.

Also grats on your new job!

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So hartke has a reputation for being specifically geared toward the metal scene and metal players. And you can get great metal tone from their stuff. I don’t have that model, i have the hd75. The hybrid aluminum/paper cone has a lot of crunchy, snappy sound to it, but it’s plenty versatile to get the warmth or depth of tone you want.

Everyone has their thing. I love what hartke does with amps. You can look on YouTube and there are a lot of reviews, but in the end you gotta decide what you’re looking for and want to lug around.

That kickback is a great amp, i don’t think you’d ever regret the purchase. I hope this helped a little, and good luck finding the right great for you!


Didn’t knew that, I always think of Victor Wooten when I think of Hartke. Darkglass has the same reputation but the amps and pedals are still used by many type of bass players.

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