Has anyone ever heard of Wolfstone?

While running through random songs on iTunes, I came across a Celtic/rock fusion band called “Wolfstone”. What immediately grabbed me is that their bass player was really good! I like his tone and sliding technique on notes.

Wolfstone - Ballavanich

Wolfstone - Gillies

The way I hear it, I’m guessing he’s using flatwounds? The tone seems a little darker and he seems to be able to slide pretty effortlessly. What do you guys think? :man_shrugging:


Not familiar with the band.
It is a dark bass sound - I almost thought fretless when I heard it… but never caught any big fretless moves.
You may be right about the flats.
My only doubt is that in live videos, the bassist is playing some gorgeous 6 string, and those more modern looking slick machines rarely end up with flats on them.
Cool stuff regardless.


Yes, I’m familiar with Wolfstone, as playing folkrock is one of the genres I tend to do.
It’s Colin Cunningham on bass: https://www.cocosbassment.com/
He plays nowaday’s on a http://www.acguitars.co.uk/ 6 string bass.
Yet, it used to be Wayne Mackenzie as bassist, but i believe in your links it’s Colin playings.


I hadn’t heard of them but the video and music certainly struck a chord in my heart and brought a wee tear to my eyes. So many memories of home that I will probably never see again.
Thank you

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