Having a bad time with fret buzz


Hey everyone.

I’ve started my bass journey with a brand new Jackson JS2 bass. Right out of the box I noticed a bad buzzing on the E string, which was actually worse when the string was fretted, regardless of which fret was used. Being a completely new player, I brought it to my local music store to get it setup. I got my bass back after a couple of days and put it aside as I was also waiting for my new amp to arrive, (thinking the buzzing wouldn’t be as noticable once I started using an amp). So I get my amp and the buzzing is still there.

I started the Bassbuzz course shortly after hoping that maybe it’s a technique issue. I’m up to Module 3 right now but still getting this buzz. It’s almost to the point that it makes me want to stop playing. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to which direction to go in to address this. It still has the original strings which I was told didn’t need to be replaced, and I assume the action was checked as that is why I brought it for the setup in the first place. When I measured the action myself it seemed to be at about 1/4 inch. I don’t mind making any changes myself as I plan on learning all I can on my journey.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


If you could measure the action between the top of the fret and the string (in mm) at the first, twelve and last fret you’ll have a better idea of how much “relief” is in the neck, ie. how much it bows. You REALLY shouldn’t mess with the truss rod. If all the other strings are ok, the nut may be cut too low or the saddle it sits in could be too low. A good luthier/builder is your best option.


Where did you get it set up? I would bring it back and tell them it’s still buzzing. Any reputable luthier will figure it out.


I second this @markvaters, if you paid for a setup then the bass shouldn’t still be buzzing, either there’s a serious issue with the instrument or they just did a crap job.

And if it’s buzzing even when you don’t fret a note, I can’t imagine it being a technique issue. Buzzes from technique tend to only happen when fretting, and usually inconsistently, like sometimes it buzzes and sometimes not depending on your technique.


Hey, thanks for the replies and great information. So after much deliberation I just decided to keep pushing forward with the courses. I truly believe that it is indeed a technique issue as the more I’ve been practising, the less buzz I tend to hear. Since I’ve only been learning for about 2 weeks and have zero experience with an instrument, I will chaulk this up to inexperience and that innate desire to be immediately proficient at something that I now know will take time, patience and practice.



Cool, good to know. Keep us posted!

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