Headphone Amp with Cable Lead

Does anyone know of a headphone amp that doesn’t plug directly in to the bass? All the ones I’ve seen are built right on the 1/4" plug, but that won’t work on my Ibanez basses. I’m looking for something that has a short cable lead.

Anything like that exist?

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You could use this to adapt to your bass.

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Hmm. It’s a thought, for sure. So is a short 1’ extension cable. But I don’t think that right angle would fit in the jack cavity. =/

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Scamazon sells 6" adapters with a 1/4" male and female end.


Have you looked at the vox headphones? It’s just a normal plug, electronics in the headphones


I had no idea those even existed. That’s perfect. I’m going to have to get those now.

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Ok this cable comes with my wireless kit. It’s probably the one you are talking about. Check on Amazon.

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There’s a whole ton of bass preamps and/or DI’s with headphone jacks. Really, really common.

There’s also things like the Darkglass Element.

You can also use a Zoom B1four for this and have the perfect practice tool - headphone out, tuner, and drum machine (in addition to all the effects and amp sims).


+1 to this. Make sure it includes a battery if you want to be mobile.