Headphone amps for practice

Totally agree! The Vox Bass Amp is the best investment ive made! Love it! Better than my little 25 watt amp.


I bought the vox and it was great sounding from my bass to the headphone but aux to my phone didnt sound too great so I ended up going for the b1four. Very excited its coming tomorrow. Iv been looking at the more expensive effects units but this will do me fine having read some of your posts on it… So ye looking forward to it


There’s also the NUX headphone amp which a lot of people on this forum have recommended, it’s basically a step up from the VOX with bluetooth, rechargeable battery, and a lot more built in amp/cab models. Though if you’re just needing something for your practice space I agree with others here that the money is better spent on the Zoom B1four


I use the Phil Jones big head. It holds a charge for about 8 hours of playing time. It’s has a aux in for phone or computer in put. Love this device. I do have a practice place to practice but some times gets late or early morning practice not kool for my neighbors. I found out using 16 ohm headphones for this device was the perfect ohm size. I’ve also had the vox that plugs into the bass and also have broken it too. I use my big head amp everyday since covid started. Love the quality of sound of the device.


I love its name :rofl:



It is highly recommended. I bet it’s awesome. The thing holding me back from it is lack of Bluetooth. I’m getting tired of using Aux cables all the time when I want to play along to something. I have to do this with my current amPlug or Rumble 40. I think only the Nux or Darkglass Element or Ashdown Tone Pocket have Bluetooth though.

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That PJ Bighead is like the Rolls Royce for headphone amps. The fact you can 2band EQ and it has 8 hour rechargeable battery makes it really interesting. Seems you can also use it as an audio interface and the Bighead Pro even goes to 96KHz sample rate. If it had USB-C I would be very tempted :smiley:

Promoting some portable multi-functional alternatives here since Howard already mentioned the Zoom:

The Blackstar Fly Bass could be interesting since you can battery power it, it has basic EQ options, aux line-in and it has an headphone jack. You can even play softly on the speaker without bothering anyone (sure it won’t sound like a 10" speaker but that’s not the point of this thing).

You can also play on the ZOOM U22 if you don’t mind playing with only a clean bass signal. It has battery power and it’s a decent audio interface. I sometimes just grab this thing and play upstairs with it. :slight_smile: Sadly you can’t combine the aux line-in with the headphones (only in the DAW) for that you need it’s bigger brother.

Edit: just found this one too. Xive 4U is an in-ear monitoring system. Bit pricey but this is something you can use for gigs too. Like I said I’m just posting some multi-functional ideas out here :wink:


I was going to get the Ashdown with bluetooth but 2 hour battery life was deal killer for me. I didn’t want to charge it ever day. The sound quality on the bighead is awesome about same price as tone pocket. They do have big head new model which is more 🪙:heavy_dollar_sign::moneybag:.


I recently picked up the Vox headphone amp, and while you can’t feel the bass as much in your body, there’s still a good sound in your head, and the privacy aspects are good. Good for late-night practicing.


Really enjoying this zoom b1four my power adapter just came and I just plugged it in… The effects are really fun going to enjoy finding out which ones I like, I can already tell actually. Looking forward to putting them all together and learning… The aux in with my phone is great just all round for practice for a beginner its great… Thanks for putting me onto it.


1 suggestion - don’t mess with the app that they provide for managing the pedal - download ToneLib (it’s free) - MUCH better interface. Good luck!

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Right ok thanks will do.

+1 for tonelib . There’s a lot to learn with the Zoom if your interested in digging in to the details. Or not is fine too;))