Help for building our new playlist


I need your help.

We have created a family group - “Generation Vibes” - with the following instrument

  1. Guitar (teacher - group foundation… tough to play when he is not around…)
  2. Guitar (oldest son - Intermediate +; 6 years practice)
  3. Piano (2nd son - used ot be super good but will lack time this year)
  4. Drums & Vocals (3rd son - Intermediate + ; 6 years practice)
  5. Bass (me - B2B … just graduated over the summer; 4 years of root / quarter experience :wink: )

In 2023, we proposed other families sharing the same teacher to do a joint summer concert at our place… that was super cool !

Our playlist was:

  1. Here come the Sun
  2. Trouble
  3. Another brick in the wall
  4. Surf in USA
  5. And I love her
  6. Help
  7. While my guitar
  8. Sunny afternoon
  9. 9 to 5
  10. Glass union
    of course, we had practiced more songs during the year but that was our selection

We’re looking to build a new playlist for next concert, could you please suggest titles ?
Please keep in mind

  • our singer was comfortable with the above
  • I have made quite some progress over the summer alowing more basslines
  • My 4th son is starting Sax (but he is only 6 yo so no miracles to be expected but he could join for a small sax solo)
  • We are French so we could include French songs
  • It’s Ok if we don’t have piano as my 2nd son won’t be able to do much

Following B2B, we have included

  • My girl
  • Under the bridge (might be a stretch for my Oldest son)

We also already worked on

  • Hit the road jack

Thanks for your help !


Always a family favourite with me.


That’s actually a great tune that I just checked out! Has a lot of the AC/DC sound to it. Is it the singer from them or maybe a Joe Elliot from DEF LEPPARD? I’ll have to google this band.


My family had a jam session on thanksgiving a couple years ago. This is part of the playlist we put together.


Thanks a lot !
Great song indeed
Might a stretch for our singer but I like it

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Thanks for sharing !
I don’t know all of them but I’ll look at it with my kids

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