Help me chose bass

I am gonna go for

Affinity Series Precision Bass® PJ Pack which includes : free 3-month subscription to Fender Play, Rumble 15 bass amplifier, padded gig bag, 10’ instrument cable and instrument strap which is around $359.38


I am gonna go for

  • CUTAWAY : Double Cutaway
  • BODY : Mahogany Body w/ Zebrawood&Maple Top
  • NECK : Canadian Hard Maple
  • FRETBOARD : Rosewood or Jatoba
  • FRETS : 24
  • SCALE : 34"
  • INLAY : White Dots
  • TUNERS : Diecasting Tuners
  • BRIDGE : EB12(4) Bridge
  • PICKUPS : Bartolini MK-1 Pickups
  • ELECTRONICS : Markbass MB-1 Preamp
  • HARDWARE : Black Hardware
  • STRINGS : 4 Strings
  • ADDITIONAL : 5 Strings Available
    which is around $383.34

I’d go for the Cort over an Affinity any day of the week


Unless they changed it from the one I got four years ago, I really wouldn’t call it padded :sweat_smile:

The kit might do the job to start out, especially if you aren’t sure about your motivation. Still have my bass, though heavily modded :grin:

You might need to check the setup.

I have no experience with Cort :person_shrugging:t3:

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The affinity pack is a nice safe bet, 15w amp is ok (ish) for starters and if you decide to sell it you will not lose a lot of money, I did that, sold the amp and bass separately…
@Krescht : yep that bag is not a padded bag more of a sack :rofl:
If you are sure you want to keep playing for a longer time I ‘d go for the cort and a rumble 40 amp Or the affinity pack and sell the rumble 15 for a rumble 40


Unless you are an absolute beginner the 3 months subscription is pretty useless. It’s poorly produced for any company, it’s shocking when it’s from Fender.

The Gig bag is technically a dust cover.

The OEM ( I don’t think fender sells the 15) amp sounds pretty good the cable and straps is bare minimum. It’s pushing at $360 at $260 would be a great deal.

Cory is much nicer with the OEM Bartolini pickups.

Where are you from?


There’s nothing wrong with the Affinity pack. It’s a very serviceable all in one solution for getting started. However, it is sold based on the idea, if you stick with playing, you will want to upgrade most of it.

The Cort is definitely the nicer instrument. Its price has to do with the Cort name not the quality of the instrument. Cort instruments are made in the same factory many other higher end instruments are made in. Cort doesn’t do marketing, so the instruments don’t have that extra money added to the price. This Cort is something you could play for a lifetime. Those pickups are great.

If you get the Cort, would you have any more for an amp?

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The Affinity isn’t great quality but it’s serviceable.

The pro is you have everything you need in one package. Yes, the gig bag is a dust cover but a) I bought a $1200 and it’s gig bag was a dust cover, lot of that going around and b) you’ll still need a gig bag with the Cort if you plan to take it outside the house.

What’s your budget? You’ll need at least a bass, amp, cable, tuner, and strap


from india
and i am not beginner i am intermediate guitarist like i played guitar for 5 years and i can play hysteria muse on my school squier affinity jazz bass
yo i am 15



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If you are considering Cory at $420 then expand your search to include Yama trbx 504. It’s quite remarkable with better pickups

Yeah the TRBX 504 is a fantastic bass. Not beginner in any way, could easily gig and record with it.

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I started my bass journey with the Jazz version of that starter pack. Think I got it about 10 years ago, but haven’t been a consistent player.

I’ve still got all of the items; the bass itself is really nice to play, the strap is alright but probably wouldn’t want to use it for a long time as it has zero padding. I’m generally using plugins to play, but the amp sounds ok to me. It’s the only bass amp I’ve owned though. The bag is ok too, but only provides a very basic level of protectioin.

I also own a Shecter Riot 4 which costs about 5 times as much. That’s an amazing bass, but I still play my Squire especially for a quick session as I leave it plugged in ready to go. I stupidly did that with the Schecter, then couldn’t play it for a couple of days as the battery went flat and I didn’t have any spares (whoops).

I haven’t played the Cort to compare it to though and not sure if the quality is still the same as 10 years ago.

Have you played either of them? I tried the P and the J bass before buying and liked the J neck better. You might find you bond with one more than the other and maybe that will give you the better purchase to get started on your bass journey.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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