Help with finding tabs for a song

Heyo, my friends birthday is coming up so I figured I would try and play a bass line for her. If I can play my cards right, I’ll be done with b2b by that time and able to surprise her with it. The song is Obsolete by Mutemath. Doesn’t seem too horribly tough, but I’d like to start practicing it. I tried finding something on it but didn’t have any luck. Any help would be aces.


Hey @Luther,
Just watched the bass player Roy, playing the song, and it appears to start high on the G string and moves lower down the same string.
There are 2 ways you could go
1: send the MP3 file to
And they will have one of there people professionally do it for you, you will see the costs associated, CAN GET expensive,depends on time and complexity.
2:see if there are tabs available ( not always accurate🤔
3: you can purchase “transcribe” software and try and work out the bass line from that, some on the forum use this for transcribing songs.
This costs $39 for access to the software
Others may have some other ideas , hope this helps.
Good luck with getting it done.
Cheers Brian


Here is what I found in a quick search:

Remember to take these with a grain of salt, but they often give you a good starting point.

I didn’t know the song before, but it appears to me that it stays in Db minor for the entire song, and that the bass player is mainly playing one riff and variations of it, plus fills using notes from the Db minor (aeolian) scale. (So, start with getting that scale into your fingers - all over the fretboard!)

The way I see it, you need to hit all the Dbs on the “heavy” beats (mostly on the 1 and 3) and the rest is up to you to embellish using the info from the tabs above and the notes from the Db minor scale as main inspiration and starting point!

Not easy to pull off, and, yes, best played on a fretless! Good luck!

PS: h: hammer-on; p: pull-off; /: slide