Help with Hammer Ons and Pull offs

Hi, I’ve been going through the course for a while and wanted to try playing some other songs I enjoy. I’ve recently tried learning Nirvana’s rendition of Love Buzz and was having trouble getting the hammer-ons and pull-offs to sound consistently good while also keeping in rhythm. I’ve watched a few other videos but I figured I’d ask here for any additional advice.


The best tip I ever got was to practice your pentatonic scales back and forth with them. When you’re going up the scale it’s “pluck then hammer” and when you go down the scale it would be “pull off then pluck”.


The riff for Roadhouse Blues (Doors) is a good one to practice hammer ons

It’s just practice, no easy solution here

I’ve got a 30 minute daily workout. I practice Josh’s 10 minute workout, 5 minutes slides, 5 minutes 25 or 6 to 4 to build speed, 5 minute I Want You Back, and 5 minutes Killin Floor.

Do Josh’s 10 minute thing, add 5 minutes hammer ons, 5 minutes pull offs, and two 5 minute segments of your choice and you have a 30 minute workout, and before you know it, you’ll be a rock star


One helpful bit:

Choose two frets - either adjacent, or two frets apart.
5th - 6th, or 5th 7th (for example).
Play hammer-ons across all strings until your arm hurts.
Make sure it is slow and rhythmically accurate!!
Same with pull-offs.
The most common mistake I see with the technique is players rushing their way through them and not having rhythmic control.

A completely non-helpful note about hammerons…

I keep thinking that it would be a perfect name for a race of aggressive aliens in a pulp comic/novel/B movie.
Here’s an example excerpt from my soon to be released scifi movie where everything is a secret reference to bass:

*Captain Burton! ships incoming!
I count 4 Hammeron battlecruisers!!

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Give this a shot, worked well on guitar for me and should help on bass: