Help with tab notation


Please tell me what the x means? I keep running across it.



Jim -

The X is a ghost note. It means that you’re plucking the string with your right hand to create a rhythmic sound, but the left hand is not fretting a note - the Left Hand is laying lightly on the strings so that no true tone is produced. It makes a cool thud-like sound.
I couldn’t find a Josh lesson that was focused on this specifically, but I did find this:


Gio had described this matter in a wonderful way. This X had been confused me for years, since I had tried to understand bass and related notes that came across. Thx Gio you had helped 2 guys in here! Wonderful


@meyouem Make that 3 guys! lol :wink:


Ha! The dreaded “X”! I will always and forever associate those Xs with Jaco Pastorius’ bass line in Come On, Come Over. I worked on that one for a good long while with my teacher. Oh, the ghost notes!! They were everywhere…