Hercules by Arron Neville

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.

I’ve just been learning the bass line to Hercules by Arron Neville - nice song. And because I’ve only just started, I’ve got the notes down, and the groove, but after recording myself and watching, I can see my hands are in need of a bit more precision. I.e., they’re all over the place :smiley:

Out of interest, which fingering technique would you use for this tab? Bearing in mind the groove of course - (This is just the intro and verse)


So far, because I need to learn better muting, I’m having to start on the G# with my thumb on my right hand and then I can continue with index and middle for the remainder.

My left hand is basically using my index and pinky all the way through.

How would you do it? Any different?

I always look for videos of others doing it. Here’s one:

Yes, that’s a good idea, thanks.

I see he’s using his ring finger on the left hand. I can now do that too, but it makes my hand not so perpendicular to the strings compared to using pinky.

Though saying that, I’ve just managed to do the right hand without using my thumb, so it’s getting there.

Damn, it’s a funky groove

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