Hey bulldog?

absolutely the worst sounding bass in history.


Just thinking about the time and effort that went into making a sound like a rubber band on a cardboard box…


i seriously do not know how you would begin to get this crappy sound

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One of my all-time fave songs. My band used to play Hey Bulldog. Great tune to cut loose on. A real crowd pleaser.

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yep and a good bass line too.


I don’t know why? Most of his isolated bass lines sound this way but mixed did pretty darn well. Lol.

I don’t think that’s too bad. Really fits in with the 60s band sound. Has to be better than metal genre bass you can’t even hear. I think he just played too far up the neck

From the same page:

$2M, rofl. Don’t drop it.

BB1200 was a really, really fantastic bass. Peter Hook played a BB1200S on literally every New Order album and his signature Yamaha is a BB734A converted into a neo-1200S:

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