Hey Everyone! - New to BASSBUZZ


Hey Everyone! And Josh!

Just joined the BASSBUZZ, I’ve been off and on with learning the bass for several years, so i’m so excited to be getting back to it! :slight_smile: Because of certain circumstances that happened in my life I got pulled away from my passion, so I’m making my comeback :slight_smile: I am still at the absolute beginner/crawl stage. I have recently had my Ibanez bass (SR500) set up and it plays amazingly now!
I came across Josh on youtube, and love the entertaining way he teaches and I’ve learned so much just from those videos. I completed 3 modules in the first week! Not because I was rushing but because I was having fun and got addicted. I started in January and now its March I am now on module 9 and purposely taking my time because I am enjoying it! :slight_smile: Great to meet everyone!

Thanks for your teaching Josh!!

And here is one of my favorite bass players who inspires me, Jonathan Maron! He also played on Maxwell’s song Ascension (Don’t ever Wonder)

And this!



@Marianne Welcome to the BassBuzz forums. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Chances are good that someone here has the answer.

If you’re worried about running out of material I put this page together with all of Josh’s BassBuzz YouTube videos. BassBuzz YouTube Video Guide


Welcome, @Marianne! Seems like you are bringing yet another “flavor” of music and inspiration to this community :smile:

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Welcome @Marianne!


I can personally relate to most of your post. I was on and off with my bass for a while, so after a few years of that I was still only at the point of playing along with the easiest of songs/riffs. I re-dedicated myself to the instrument and Josh’s course a few months ago and the progress I’ve made has been dramatic. So stick with it!

Finishing the course and learning all the basic scales/theory Josh teaches really does make it much easier to learn new material since you will understand what you are doing and why.


Welcome to the forum @Marianne. We have a great lot of people who are always happy to help if you have any questions.

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Welcome to the forum @Marianne! Glad you’re enjoying the course. :blush:

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@joergkutter @eric.kiser @JerryP @PamPurrs @JoshFossgreen

Thanks for the welcome guys!

@BassFaceDisgrace Thanks! and absolutely have to play the coolest instrument in the world! :slight_smile:


@Marianne Welcome to the bass buzz family

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@studio Thanks!!

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