HIPSHOT Transtone Intonation

Hello all,

Yesterday I have tried to setup my new gal-pal but the bridge had a configuration much different from all the videos I saw online.

Initially I was expecting these nuts (lol!) marked as “1” to be moving the saddles front and back. But they don’t move anything. The one for G String was about to fall out even (phew! talk about a lucky break!) so I think they are there just to lock the thing down.

When I loosened the larger screws marked with “2” the part should be able to slide forward and backward but because of the tension of the string keeping it down it does not… What I did was to detune the string but then I could only move it by hand and not gradually with a screw to have a precise setup.

I am a bit at loss here. Has anyone used these bridges or something similar?

Thank you!

Edit: Might it be that I have to move the mechanism all the way back, tune the string and move it by using that lock pin?


I don’t know the functioning, but my guess would be that you need to loosen the big screw (2) and then adjust by turning the smaller screw (1). You could give it a try, just go slowly and don’t force anything :wink:


Well that is the thing. The small screw only pushes and does not pull…


Maybe if you release some string tension by de-tuning, you will be able to move the saddle back all the way and start adjusting from there.


Yeah that seems to be the only way to me as well… Thank you!


Found this diagram online, might be useful :wink:


This is Fantastic! Thank you! I was looking for a manual anywhere!

So this confirms that the little nut is for intonation…


Well I played around a bit and there does not seem to be an easy way to do this.

First I was wrong because it works in reverse You have to push the saddles forward (towards the neck) making the fretted notes sharp and then slowly turn the intonation nut to get the fretted string longer (hence flatter). Opposite mentality of tuning a string…

I thought the big black screw was moving with the mechanism but it is actually fixed to the plate and the mechanism is moving around it. Supposedly, after you are done you should tighten the big black screw to lock things in place…

My problem now is that even at the farthest back (longest string possible) 12th fret E is still a bit sharp. I don’t know if this is because I am using the D’Addario regular lights which has E 100

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