Hipshot tuners

I recently ordered a set of HB7 Hipshot tuners for my P Bass. I bought them through a 3rd party supplier. When they arrived unfortunately the bushings were too small.
I contacted Hipshot to ask if I’d misread their spec sheet and Bill emailed me back the same day. A quick back and forth to confirm the peg size and he said “I’ll send to a larger set for free and I’ll post them to you today”
Now that, is how you get repeat customers.


I’m glad that they are catching up and doing better customer service. I waited two and a half months 2 phone calls for a tuners that sat on their shelf didn’t have time to make it happen for me. Sad really half of my upgrades were Hipshot. I pickup 2-4 basses a month then upgrade them. I’m slightly above average with upgrades I wish they’d take better care of me.


Those tuners looks nice and glad to hear that you had a good customer service. I’m a fan of hipshot bridges.

Hey @Barney - if they are a ‘wee small’ for the hole, a bit of Teflon tape does the trick. I have done this on hipshots and works fine. Interestingly enough, was on a Fender P MIM, assuming this one is as well?

Or are you meaning the inside diameter was wrong for the peg?

The dimensions differ between the US made and the Asia made (“licensed”) Hipshots. Guess he got a licensed one for a US bass.

I looked into this a couple of weeks ago, and this was the point where I gave up trying to buy myself a drop tuner. I just know that I would receive the wrong one, and I don’t want to deal with crap like that at the moment.


@john I thought about what you suggested when they arrived but the thought of Mickey Mousing a not inexpensive product annoyed me. Especially when I’d removed the previous tuners, carefully measured the hole etc. and compared with their spec sheet.

I emailed and politely explained my confusion and within an hour I got the “I’ll take care of you email”.
Looking at the bushings that were sent i think the 16mm ones were supplied. According to the website there are 16 and 18mm bushings available for purchase.

Pic of original bushing on right, compared with what was supplied.


Wow, the black tuners against the blonde wood really pop.