Hipshot Xtender

So when I was cleaning off the fretboard and adjusting my Carvin LB20, the E string tuner broke.

Well, not the tuner, but the little white washer between the tuner knob and the tuner body. The tuner still works, but it doesn’t turn smoothly because the washer is cracked.


I decided to order a Hipshot Bass Xtender to replace it, and it just arrived. I’m excited to install it, but I may not get a chance to do so until later today or tomorrow AM.



Oooh, I want pictures! I’m considering the Hipshot Xtender for my P-bass, even though I currently play no (count them, none, i.e. zero) songs in drop D. It’s just a sexy bit of gear.


There will definitely be pictures.

I KNOW, RIGHT!? :slight_smile:


I don’t consider a new bass “mine” until I’ve installed one of these, even though I only play a couple of drop-d songs on a regular basis.

If your bass uses gotoh style tuners it should be a straight drop-in, if it uses the kind with four mounting screws you may have to drill new pilot holes.

My SUB Ray 4 (not pictured) also has one.


I have them on 2 basses. One I did and one that came on a bass I bought. I have yet to drop a D since.


For some reason, I wanted to laugh like Beavis & Butthead when I read that. :smiley:

That said, I doubt I will much either. There’s a couple of metal songs I’d like to play, but other than that I doubt it’ll be used much. I just think it’ll be a cool thing to have. :slight_smile:


As promised to @LeftyChad, here are some pictures:

The installed Hipshot Xtender

Perfect tuning on the E string

Perfect tuning on the E string dropped to D

Whee! Now to get on to playing some DADG lines! :slight_smile:


What tuners are these?

The normal tuners are just standard Carvin tuners… rebranded Gotoh I’d suspect. (Like these - Carvin Bass Tuners 2000s Chrome | Reverb - but black.)

The E string tuner is the Hipshot Bass Xtender.

Swanky! How was the installation & setup?

A snap.

  1. Remove string.
  2. Remove old tuner.
  3. Put on Xtender, but keep loose.
  4. Move lever back to reveal screw-hole on Xtender, screw it in.
  5. Tighten Xtender.
  6. Tune E string in normal position, pull lever, put it back, retune E string. Repeat until E string tuned.
  7. Flip lever, tune E string to D using knob on back of tuner.


The interesting thing is that it actually moves almost the whole tuner to go between E and D; I thought it just spun it to release/pick up slack. But you actually see the tuner head itself move back and forth. I didn’t know that.

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