Hofner Bass

Many of you know, I acquired a Hofner bass in February. It was an impulse buy while I was killing time in my favorite local music store and saw it on the wall. I just wanted to have it as sort of a novelty, but never dreamed how much I’d love it. To my knowledge, @JerryP and @Sully are the only other Buzzers who have Hofners.
Since then, I have recorded 4 covers with it, songs ranging from Southern Rock to New Wave to Contemporary Rock. It can handle any genre of music it seems. I have grown to love it so much, that I rarely play my ESP anymore. I’m actually thinking of adding another Hofner in black.

I was perusing the Hofner site today, and came across this article regarding Paul McCartney’s stolen Hofner. It remains a mystery what ever happened to that bass, but it makes for good reading if anyone is interested.
Paul’s Lost Bass (hofner-guitars.com)


Oh, I didn’t know that Hofner is a German manufacturer and actually written with an umlaut.
Höfner. :smiley:


I almost went with a Hofner club and instead got a Gretsch Junior JetII. I really liked how light the club was and the tones you could get from it, but wasn’t a big fan of the saddle arrangement.


Yes that takes some getting used to, but once you have it setup with the intonation correct, it’s a great instrument. I’m thinking my next one will probably be a Club model.

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I played an Epiphone Viola bass once, but the neck was very small. Never had a chance to try a Hofner

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Ive got a Hofner copy at work. Bought it for its size for travelling and storage. Under $270 australian dollars. Been great.

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In English it’s ‘Now we have the salad’. It’s said after somebody really screws up. Especially after they’ve been told 'Don’t do that or you will will hurt yourself. Followed by them not listening and hurting themselves.