Hofner (Contemporary Series - Asian) & Schecter (Diamond Series Extreme Stiletto-4) - Should I Buy?

Howdy BassBuzz family! I am a newbie (about to finish Module 9 of Beginner to Badass) so I have not even mastered my beautiful Fender Jazz Bass yet, but I’ve got GAS bad!! LOL

Looking for your opinion and experience on the tones I would get vs. my current Fender Jazz Bass and whether it is worth me buying two more basses for my arsenal just to have?

These two basses are near me for sale on fb. The Hofner is listed for $350 and the Schecter for $250. Both current owners say the basses have just not been used which is why they are selling and claim they are in used-like new condition. I am going to look at them next week.


I don’t have experience with the models on sale but it seems the MDB hit hard before you even visited the forum :wink:

  • Would you play it?
  • Is it a good deal?

Those are the two questions I would try to answer before buying a bass. You can get into more detail but those are the two main question IMO. A lot of people here (including me) own more than one bass for different reasons. The most common one is different basses for different tone/purposes so in general I think you could go for it.

There isn’t really a reason to limit yourself to one bass guitar but at the same time I personally would like to try the instrument out myself before buying it and since it seems that it’s a private offer there’s probably no return policy if you don’t like it.


everyone should own at least 12 basses. more if they actually play bass.


#truth :sweat_smile:


LOL - that settles it then.


I would certainly look at that Schecter. $250 is a pretty good price. if it is in like new condition, snag it up.
Adjust price as necessary for any wear and / or problems
I myself am keeping an eye out for Schecter 4 strings.

I can’t speak to the Hofner, I am not a fan of those violin basses.
I know they are popular, and they are cool in their own right, but not my style at all.


I better get looking :scream:


Ok, I have 2 to go, but I actually play bass (unless you mean professionally), so how many do I really need to have?




@JDDaniel I have an ignition which has some nice warm tones and is fun to play the short scale for a change. I believe the contemporary series has a solid block inside the body helps with sustain. The price is a good deal, my ignition was about that much and the contemporary is a step up.


The formula to determine the number of basses you should own is straight-forward:

number to own = c + 1

Where “c” is the number of basses you currently own.


Hmmm, I think you got that a bit under calculated my dear Watson. It is more along these lines

E = Mc squared

E (# should have) = M (# you have) x C (# currently looking at) - squared

That should do it.


Sure about that?
MC² = E - let’s fill it with values for me. I kind of stopped actively looking at the LeFay Herr Schwarz
(2x0)² = 0

I think there’s something wrong with the formula. Or with me because the number of basses I’m looking at is 0? Mhhhh.


defiantly something wrong with you, course the values were not correctly identified in my equation.


E (should have) = M (have already) + C (2 more basses) *squared


Hence the initial formula (slightly simplified in this post). Even if you’re not looking, you still need another.

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I like the own + 4 better

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