Holiday Music... Best and Worst?


Hail all! I just wanted to steal a piece of space from the internet to make my complaint official:
Dear World: Please stop playing Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”.
It’s my least favorite of all time.

Best - Vince Guaraldi’s score for the Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Fred Marshall (the bassist) plays beautifully, and has some lovely solos.
Also - John Denver with the Muppets. No joke. Love that album.

Does anyone else have issues during this holiday time? The music can be so, so dangerous! Happy to hear y’alls bests and worsts.


Ooooh I have a great one for this!

Just started transcribing it, actually. I’d heard a cover version years ago (thanks to a mixtape from my girlfriend), but didn’t know it was originally Donny Hathway! Super cool 7 beat phrase in the intro, and some great little unison licks throughout. And a ripping bass fill at 1:30, apparently Donny played bass on this track too? (according to Wikipedia, can anyone confirm or deny?)

Wow that McCartney track is not my fav. Never actually heard it before. Or rather, never noticed it, and now I’m sure I’ll hear it everywhere. I’ll have to stay the hell out of retail establishments until Februrary!


The Don!
That guy is so brilliant. It’s always a shame that he isn’t on the front of everyone’s lips when it comes to the R&B and soul Pantheon.

Thanks for the tip on this. Awesome.

And - yes - beware the McCartney track. Oh oh - beware!!!


Update - liked the tune so much I had to cover it!

I wore my most Christmasy outfit, i.e. the only red shirt I currently own and a green one underneath it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Duuuuude. this is gorgeous. Nice nice nice.