Holy crap I'm going to have so much fun

So I was getting a bit bored with the lessons (sorry Josh) and thought I’d try one of the songs from the course extras. I went with Crazy, because it’s simple as a brick. Holy crap I had goosebumps and the biggest grin… Can’t believe I actually learned and played along with a real song in like 10 minutes, just 2 weeks into learning bass and barely halfway through the course. Can’t wait to learn some of my favorite songs later in life! (Except Billie Jean probably.)

@JoshFossgreen , you are an awesome teacher!


Thank you for posting this! I had filed away the “course extras” as something to be done post-completion, but after your post I took a closer look and they’re a few songs that are definitely beginner-friendly. I almost wish “Crazy” had closed out Module 4 since I think it’s easier than that @ss-kicker, “Billie Jean.” :laughing:


Yeah actually I intended to ask Josh at what stage would he recommend having a go at the easy songs, but in the end I figured I’d just go and see for myself whether they are easy enough or not. I guess it would probably be better to wait until the end of the course, but I just couldn’t help it. And in the end it only took 10 minutes, so I didn’t sidetrack myself too much.


Crazy was one of the first ones I learned too! I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry is another easy one if you like it.


Haha I’ll allow it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I didn’t address that in the videos because we added the 50 Songs Pack more recently than I made the videos, but you can tackle a lot of the Level 1 songs by Module 5 or 6.