Homemade Pedalboard

Made this out of Rustic Pecan. This is the first thing I’ve ever built completely from scratch. Aside from looking at what others had done online to get ideas , I had no plans to build this off of.

Underneath I’ve wired it as power outlet in, hot to power switch, then from power switch to the indicator light and power strip. The common for the indicator light and power strip go back to the common side of the power outlet. For extra protection I installed a ground bar. Everything has a ground wire (light, switch, and power strip) that binds to the ground bar, which of course has a leg to the ground on the power outlet.

Off of the power strip is a powered usb hub. The three devices pictured all have a cable going in to that. The bottom of the USB hub is a output USB cable that goes to a USB port on the back of the pedalboard.

The audio routing is as follows. One input and one output on the back of the board. The input goes in to a passive audio splitter (1 in , 5 out). The first output goes up to the tuner. The output from the tuner runs to the input of the zoom. And the output of the zoom goes to the output back to the amp. The second output off the splitter goes to the focusrite. This allows for me to record audio pre-effect, where I could do whatever I want with it when I process it.

The only big imperfections are on the back at the power outlet and USB port. I’ve never used a router prior to this project, and I overcut both of those holes. But its pretty minimal, and isnt too bad.

Took some quick video to show the USB port functioning. It can be viewed here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


That’s really pretty. :sunglasses::+1:


Thank you!


I love it!

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Thank you. I got some new woodworking tools for Christmas; so I might try another with some dovetail joints.