How come no bass instrumental mixes on youtube?

There are a ton of jazz guitar instrumental mixes (cafe/study/work/relaxation, etc.) on you tube. But I can not for a life of me find any bass instrumental tracks other than a loop of an upright bass doing the same walking bass line over and over.

Anyone have any leads on some “bass centric” youtube work/study mixes?

I know this is probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but try and go to this website:

And search for the soundscape called “Hands of Time” - it has a beautiful fretless bass in it… it probably loops at some point, but the algorithm is pretty good and it is far from obvious, especially when you let it run in the background while working (which is sort of what it is designed for).

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These play just bass


Thanks…exactly what I was looking for!

Why aren’t there any? Probably because most people don’t care to listen to that sort of thing. First a lot of people listen to music on a device which doesn’t reproduce bass well and second, the bass register mostly does not fall in the range that humans find most pleasing to listen to. How often do you hear similar things played with the left hand on piano/keyboard? Ambient music sounds much better on guitar than it does on bass, the higher notes have a nicer open, airy aspect.

If you mean ambient music, as in something you play in the background, maybe.

If you mean Ambient Music, as in (mostly) electronic grooves and downtempo with spacious aural vistas, definitely not. In fact, I’d venture to say that AM does very well with predictable and rhythmic bass grooves, either real or synthesized.