How do I count the second and third bars of this at warp speed?

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da-daa; da-da-daa; da, tri-pul-let dat?

chi-ken; da chi-ken; da spi-cy-chi ken?


Haha, never heard it counted out like this, but this is how I’d count it. There is certainly no triplet in bar 3 or anywhere else here :wink:

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Bar 3 has three 16ths and then a doted 8th tied to a 16th. There are 2 beats per measure. So the first 3 barred 16ths has to be a triplet, right?

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From the notation, this looks like a 2/4 time signature. The fourth note would, if I’m not mistaken, have a duration of 8/16 - 3/16 = 5/16 :grimacing:

No triplets if I read it right…


No, I don’t think so. It is notated a bit unfortunately… In essence, there are 4 16th notes and the last should be tied to an 8th note and another 8th note, making a total of 4 8th note also in that bar.


Ok. That makes sense. Thanks.


Yeah bar three is notated a little funny. It’s written as 3 sixteenth notes, then a dotted eighth tied to an eighth. If you look at most sheet music this would actually be written as 4 sixteenth notes with the last tied to a quarter note. It’s common practice to always have a note on every beat to avoid confusion. Either way, you would count it “1 e & a” and then hold for beat 2.

Also, side note, if you think something should be a triplet, it should have a 3 written above it. The exception to this is if you are reading something in 3/4, 6/8, or some odd number time signatures.

Hope this helps!