How Do I Meet Other Musicians?


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The meme you posted is from iFunny and its tradition to give people shit for it. haha

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(Killer 'stash btw)

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Cool, good story

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I’ve always found jam sessions and open mics to be helpful. Other than that you can use whatever local networking you’re a part of and also check out postings on CL or FB Marketplace for bands looking for players or musicians wanting to meet up with other musicians. Basically ya’ gotta get out and meet people in person and find a common bond.


It took me ages to find some people (like years!) but how it worked for me was doing bass covers and posting them to my YouTube channel. While I looked around for people to play with I kept putting in the work in my room (hundreds and hundreds of hours with a drum machine) and working on my timing.

I then had something to show people. So I posted in various Facebook groups and said ‘These videos are me, here’s my current ability etc’.

I got some bites and for the past 5 weeks we’ve had a Tuesday jam night. Currently looking for a drummer!

I found the transition into playing with other people was made significantly easier by doing lots of covers. It made me comfortable standing up, not looking at my hands and playing a whole song end to end.

Thanks again @JoshFossgreen for the solid foundation, this is simply way beyond where I though this would lead from starting bass aged 49. Turning that little Fender Rumble 100 all the waaaaaaay up on the master volume is a beautiful thing :slight_smile:


And here I am with TWO drummers from different groups I play with…!!!... So much fun playing with others!!


no way, bass players hide in burrows LOL

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Weekly jam session last night and for fun I downloaded a decibel meter onto my phone.

Happy to be wearing some quality hearing protection for 3 hours. 90+ dB is some solid noise.

Also ‘Lawyers Guns and Money’ is such a great tune to play.


I might try this.
I usually wear earplugs but sometimes forget to take them

They’re tiny, you can’t tell I’ve got them in and they work.

Two levels of noise suppression and I can still hear the other musicians clearly.

I have not posted in a while but still drop in to BassBuzz from time to time and wanted to post on the OPs original question.

I live in rural Ontario and approximately 8 years ago got tired of just playing for my own enjoyment. At that time, there were NO jam sessions or music circles in my area of any kind.

The most successful way I found to meet other like minded people was through the local library system. They provide a friendly environment at no cost and are happy to have musicians play background music for their patrons.
It was a lot of work but now there are at least four separate sessions every week that are available.

Playing with other like minded people is a great way to improve and to those who think they are not good enough I say there are all levels of players in jam sessions and no need to feel inadequate. I have seen many times beginning bass players just going through songs only playing root notes and that is OK. At least they are in the session and out there playing and most will tell you that they wished they had done this sooner.

Good Luck :+1:


The musicians I’ve come across have either been at a gig we’re either playing at or just going to it anyway, and then pseudo meet people by using places like this place, forums etc.

I find it’s far more engaging actually talking to someone in person though.

I live in a quiet village in the UK and there is only 1 pub here yet i probably know quite a few people that either play or are in a band or composing or just doing something in general, so I’d go with getting out there.