How do I play this bass line!

Love this bass line. I think it’s a walking line? This is the kind of stuff I want to learn, at least in part. So enjoy the video and give me a hint what this is, scale, etc. and guide me ole mighty ones!


It’s in the key of C so the chord (roots) are C-C- F- C-G-F-C
That’s the main riff. Here’s some quick and easy video to get you started.


Thanks, the video definitely helped. Once I listened to it a few times I remember doing this, or similar, way back when on the guitar. I figured it out. Had to play it at 3/4 speed just to get close (the Clapton version) but got it. Will take me a while to get it down, but at least I have something fun to practice. A few months ago I doubt I would have been able to figure it out at all.