How do you hold your bass when sitting?

OK, for those of you who are predominantly sitting when playing/practicing, which of the following comes closest to your playing position, and why?

A - bass resting on the leg closest to your plucking hand; centerline of your body aligns roughly to where the neck of the bass meets the body:

B - a variation of this with the leg raised on a little stand:

C - more like a classical guitar; bass resting on the leg closest to your fretting hand (leg perhaps raised on a little stand); center of your body aligns roughly with the neck pickup:

D - something in between (although, is he even sitting?):

E - something a bit more unorthodox:

F - or perhaps with proper “grounding”:

G - all/most of the above (as the situation might require)

H - something else entirely!


It depends on the bass :slight_smile:

My Warwick and my Yamaha hang and sit in very different positions. The Warwick feels a lot more to the left, if that makes sense.


Is that because of the way the cut-outs are formed or because of the overall “balance” of the basses??

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I think it’s the length to the fretting. If you look here, they are sitting at the same height but the Warwick fretboard starts 1-2cm higher than the Yamaha.

Same scale length, the Warwick’s center body is just longer.

I also just noticed the Streamer’s lower cutout basically isn’t a cutout at all. That actually kind of sucks for players that want to play in the upper registers. Oh well.


Makes sense, thanks!

I guess I really meant the contours when I wrote “cut-outs”…


@joergkutter, the only time I play sitting down would be in front of my computer when I’m watching/learning some basslines (or Josh’s lessons).

So my answer would be “A” . . . :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joe


A or F but without the strap.



With the hat, tough!?! :grin:


as much as possible :cowboy_hat_face:

about the sitting position, in fact I don’t care much. I play where I am. if there is a chair or a couch that’s fine, if I’m on the ground or floor that’s fine too :v::grin:


I’m in for A and B.

Sometimes my foot comes up (or I put it on my other foot), sometimes it just hangs on my strap.


Nothing else stuck from guitar class in college, but we were taught by a classical guitarist and he insisted we play holding the guitar classical style. It’s where my bass is when standing, so I do the same sitting. Since I’m still very new to bass and have to look at the fretboard a lot, it means I’m looking to my left all the time, which ergonomically isn’t the greatest, but I believe I will eventually be proficient enough on the board to fret without really looking. I’m sticking with the same bass, same scale length until it is ingrained in muscle memory. I expect that to take a very long time, but I can occasionally fret accurately without looking, so progress is being made.
Sorry about the wall of words.


I always sit so I would be ‘A’.


Cool! I wasn’t sure we would have a “C” at all…

I tried that position, but found it very hard on the left shoulder (fretting arm) - I am not trained in classical guitar and therefore probably doing it wrong…


Another “C” right here. I like to play a lot standing up, and this position (to me), seems closest to the standing up position, when playing seated. I kind of have long arms, so, don’t mind the stretch it creates for the fretting arm, or that it orients me to where I’m facing left a lot, like @GalleyCat, since I need to look at the fretboard a bunch too. Tried it the “A” way, just feels awkward to me, even though that seems to be so common!


I do “C”.
It feels more natural to me. In position “A” I have a much harder time with my wrist position and it makes my carpal tunnel act up.

All of the people in these pictures are using good form with the plucking hand but a lot of bass players do this thing that looks like a chicken wing. That chicken wing position kills my wrist and I find it harder to avoid using position “A”.


Yeah, guilty as charged! I guess the only way to avoid this is to raise your elbow, which, for me, is again strenuous on the shoulder…


What is the preferred seat that people find most comfortable? Any good stool/chair styles out there that you like? I’ve seen some drummers thrones that look like they would be comfortable to sit and play in. When I sit and play, I do so in the “A” position pictured above.

I know the correct answer is whatever is comfortable for me, but I’m wondering what works for all of you?


I got an inexpensive office chair similar to this one
for about $25 and removed the backrest and support. What I ended up with is an adjustable-height stool with a full seat. Works well!


@PamPurrs and @JoshFossgreen both have drum thrones and I’m looking forward to getting one.


I love this idea. I just use my office chair now and it’s great except the arms. I rarely play sitting but it will probably increase as I get more serious about recording.