How do you store/organize your study notes, songs, etc?

Way back when I picked up the guitar, I had a notebook and a file folder for all the loose sheets I’d collect for notes to myself and songs and such. Now that I am starting with the bass, is there a technology solution for this or should I do the same?

I have some notes and descriptions on theory stuff and some songs that I am starting to collect and I’m just trying to figure out an effective method for keeping this stuff and having it organized. I was always frustrated looking for that 1 sheet of paper with the song I was trying to remember and couldn’t find the thing… Everything else is paperless these days, I figured there might be a better way to do it now.


If you use a tablet like an iPad, the forScore app can scan and organize according to composer, genre etc.
It works with pdf’s


For me personally it depends on what the notes are for…
When it comes to learning new stuff such as all the theory in the B2B course, I go old school and write down all the useful and significant things I can in a notepad. For me, for some reason, the act of writing it down by hand in my own words or with my own diagrams helps me rehearse things better.

But if you’re going to be hoarding a lot of information or song sheets etc a definite benefit of using apps would be that you’ll most likely have search functions.

I think an important thing when there’s a lot to keep and go through is that you have an easy way of finding what you need, when you need it.


@Mikich: Thanks, I looked at the website for that app. Is it strictly sheet music or can you scan other handwritten documents and organize those as well? Unfortunately the only Apple product I have is a MacBook and that version of the app isn’t out yet.

@renouf: I’ll probably end up with a notebook for the theory and practice type stuff. I guess what I’m still unsure of is what to do with music that I don’t want in full sheet music form. I end up with a lot of shorthand stuff for songs like the chord progressions and a few notes to remind me of the song at a quick glance rather than having to read through a few pages of sheet music.


I started a board with

I used it a lot during the summer, but now it’s gathering a bit of dust. Thanks for remind me about it!


forScore will handle any pdf file and most images. Files can be sorted according to any labels or tags a user defines. Files can also be grouped into set lists and edited using a finger, stylus (Apple Pencil), mouse or keyboard. It will display any pdf: sheet music, tablature, text (chord charts)
While it is intended for sheet music, it is mainly a file organizing tool. Everyone that I spoke with before getting my own copy emphasized the elimination of paper and portability. It is meant for and works best with an iPad so I found a (relatively) cheap refurbished one. Also, there is hardware available that will fasten an iPad to a mic stand among other things.


That looks awesome and so tidy! Will definitely be checking that out.
This is why it’s good to get involved with as many threads as possible on these forums :grin:


Thanks! But this was a lot of work tidying up! It doesn’t come out of the box like that, so is it really worth it? :stuck_out_tongue:

It also had time logs (it’s an extra for trello), where I could register/measure the time it took me to accomplish some tasks or log practice sessions


Oh I’m sure! I guess I was also referring to the interface as well as how you’ve structured it!
I never managed to get on with the likes of Evernote or OneNote myself. Since this looks more focused on a project management kind of approach it might be a bit more suitable to things like this… You have to at least try everything eh :man_shrugging:


woah, that’s definitely organized. Not sure I’d actually put in the work to get it to that level. I was poking around the website to read more about it and Fender is listed as one of the companies that uses it. I thought that was appropriate.

@Mikich: Sounds like that does everything I was described that I was looking for. Seems to have some other neat features as well. Now to see if there is a knockoff app for android or if I want to buy another device.

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I do that too.

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