How long did you take to learn slap?

I joined the B2B course a little over a year now. I have completed all the sections but there is one that I still haven’t completed. Can you guess which section? :slight_smile:
Yeap, it’s the slap section. I want to learn slap and pop but I’m a little scared of it.
So my question is for the slappers out there. How long did it take for you to learn slap to a satisfactory level? I know it takes years and years of dedicated practice, but when did you start to feel that, yes, I can slap?
And now for bonus questions. How much practice do you devote to slap? Is it part of your routine or is it something you practice now and then?


Disclaimer: I don’t really slap (but I can relate to your question).

I guess it depends on whether you want slap as another addition to your technique or whether you think this might be your main “thing” going forward. If you focus entirely on slap for the next year, I am sure you can come far, but if you only can commit part of your practice time to it, you will have to accept that progress is slow… and potentially so slow that you are likely to drop it entirely.

So, I guess, slap requires dedication and commitment to achieve results.

Personally, I have to accept that there is so much else I want to work on more instead and thus - rather than making a half-assed effort - I am not practicing slap at all (for the time being).

Last summer, when I had a bit of time, I challenged myself by writing and recording a little piece that required slap - that was humbling and educational and convinced me that a dedicated effort would be needed. Still… it was fun :smile:


It’s been a side project for half a year. I do a slap exercise every other day and I’d say I can play simple slap-pop lines. Currently, I’m satisfied with that.

Just keep at it, you’ll get better every day! :hugs:

I’m much more into playing with a pick currently. I’ve recently realized how important separating the hands is, which could help with slap, too. For example, exercise the picking hand without doing anything with the left hand - it’ll clean up your technique and enable you to focus on the fretting hand later. I knew that for years, but it only sunk in doing the Slap Course at TalkingBass.

Josh’s Slap Challenge was also really great because he made us record ourselves on video; you could really see the progress. And I got a forum badge! :heart:

My advice would be to finish the slap module and explore the technique. If you think about it, a satisfactory level is not a great goal, it’s too vague. What do you want to be able to do? Play Can’t Stop? Or Jamiroquai? Or Classical Thumb?



I’ve got stuck on the slap module - I kind’a want to learn this skill, but I’m also conscious that it’s hard, when I try it, it doesn’t sound good….so once again, I have become frustrated and have gone off to learn another song, instead of working through the lessons :rofl:

Thinking of moving on to the next module and will come back to this at some point.


Growing up in South East Asia that’s probably one of the first thing I did, though the music I listen to don’t have tons of slapping I try to keep this skill sharp. Many of slapping songs are not done tastefully they are just technique filled so learn a few is plenty, lol.

As for how long, it takes some getting the muscle memory to get down then you’d worry less about accuracy. Then it takes a few performances to really bring out your flaws and you usually won’t see it until you put that skills under pressure. This is the one skill you need to “try hard not to try hard”


This is a great song to learn how to slap. Not too technical and you can add popping as you progress. Fun and awesome way to get your accuracy down.


I wanted to slap ever since I saw a dude demo slap style in a music store when I was shopping for my first ever bass.
As soon as my teacher opened that door, it was over. It was slap only.

If you like the sound, you have to do it.
I worked damn hard at slap because it was the most rewarding to me personally even though it had no place in the bands I was playing in.
Didn’t matter.

I have a violin playing friend who would say “you have to love the sound of your instrument” and I love the sound of my bass when I get to go all slappity-dappity.

Be not afraid.
It can be absolutely frustrating, but it’s not scary.
And if you like the sound, it will become its own reward.


It’s always a good thing to challenge yourself. And the motivation to want to get good at something. I want to slap so I will put in the effort.

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Thank you for the encouragement. There isn’t anything really to be afraid of. Just slap it!

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Good advice. Thanks.

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Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I got discouraged because what there are many things happening at once when slapping like needed to mute the strings with both hands and not sounding good at all. I went ahead and now I’m going to start the slap module.

That’s is most definitely my problem :rofl:

I’ve bounced ahead and have just completed 14.1 and 14.3, skipping 14.2 as it said ‘slap’ :flushed:

Plan to complete the course, then come back to Module 13. Just noticed the 13!!! Eeek!!:rofl:

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