How many ledger lines

Do we need to know? On a four string, the lowest note (yes, standard tuning) is E, which I believe is the E one line below the staff. On my bongo, I have 24 frets so it can get a third G on the G string. So that’s, what, up 3 lines, is that correct?

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I think three ledger lines up is “just” the G on the 12th fret of your G string. For the G at the 24th fret, you’d need 6 ledger lines and then it sits atop of the upper most. However, nobody would write it like it… apart from the fact that you’d “run” into the line above on the sheet, it is hard to parse quickly which note it is… So, you’d need to use the “8va” convention, which means you write it an octave lower, but indicate it to be played an octave higher.
Here is an example from “Donna Lee”, where Jaco runs up the board quickly (within three bars) from the low E to the Eb on the 20th fret of the G string; basically four octaves:


Thanx for that!


Yes! +1 to @joergkutter’s reply there.
And - it’s nice to see the 8va make an appearance again.