How to Avoid Copyright Blocks?

My cover of ACDC Highway to Hell got blocked on youtube due to a copyright claim. This hasn’t happened to any of my other covers. What gives? How do I avoid this? My channel is not monetized. I am just doing silly covers for this group


Some bands, like AC/DC are active blockers. You won’t avoid it on youtube. You have to post the video on something else, like Vimeo…


Also be aware that Vimeo (which is what I used to get around AC/DC) has a monthly free upload limit. So depending on how big your video file is you might have to pony up the mula and buy a subscription.


Certain artists and even certain songs or albums are automatically blocked on YouTube. Some allow you to upload, but the artist gets monitized, which is fine with me.
For the ones that YouTube completely blocks, I just put them on Vimeo.

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