How to find compatible guitar players in my area? (NW Arkansas)

How should I go about finding guitar players in my area. I live in NW Arkansas, Fayetteville to be exact. I would prefer to play country, but 40 years ago, I played top 40 ( which is now classic rock). Man where have the years gone?


It seems like most people who have had luck looking for others to play with have gone through Craigslist.

Here’s an srticle about using online sites set up for this.
The best sites for finding musicians and band members | MusicRadar
I know a few people here have tried

Then there is going out to where live country is being played and trying to catch the musicians and asking if they know anybody that needs a bass player.

Checking post boards at music stores is the old standby.

None of these are perfect but it is a good time to start trying to find people to play with because so many other musicians are chomping at the bit to get playing again.

Good luck and post back here letting us know how it goes.


I live in a rural area and was in the same boat six years ago.

This is what worked for me.

I talked to the local/only music store in my area and posted a notice in the store stating I was looking for other players to jam with.
I also contacted the local libraries that will provide free space as long as there are no charges involved.

The result is that six years later I have a choice of 3 local weekly jams and a fourth that meets once a month to choose from.

Good luck.


Great suggestions here!
Please keep us posted on how your quest goes.

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