How To Slap Like A Funk Mastah'!


This is a little video I made for the BassBuzz Instagram page, which is still in the process of becoming active (gestating?), but you can follow us here -

Anyway I figured you guys probably didn’t catch this video, so have at it and let me know if it helps your slap technique!


When you say FUNK MASTA!! You should add some echo and reverb to your voice. Other than that, the video is absolutely perfect and can not be improved in any way. Thumb vs Elbow. That’s a campaign that should be funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. Bravo.


Noted. How did I miss that?


On the little intro ditty… how do you make it sound like you’re playing so many notes?


Sorry that’s top secret. :slight_smile:

Just kidding. I’m doing a Victor Wooten rip-off pattern, it’s a series of sextuplets where I go thumb-hammeron-pop-thumb-hammeron-pop with a root-fifth-octave pattern.

I actually have an OLLLDDD Youtube video where I talk about this pattern and have a few etudes you can play with (warning: advanced!)

Apparently I made this video before I knew how to focus-lock my iPhone. Not to mention the questionable hair.


Cool, thanks. It’s likely gonna to take me some time to get to thumb-hammer-pluck level III.

Is there a level IV? Tell me there’s a level IV


Hmm… maybe one-handed? :stuck_out_tongue:


I must confess I am not good at slapping, but in reality, my ears are annoyed when hearing slapping…(please dont slap me…!)
When I see virtuoso doing slapping solo, I am impressed with the speed and technique they have, but musically, Yikes…!
I prefer picking/finger picking, chords.

Maybe I am not a true bassist after all? :thinking:


Haha!!! Stay away from Marcus Miller records then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you’d like some less traditional slapping?


Martin -

I’m with you 100%.
Bass players love to listen to bass players doing amazing, unbelievable, acrobatic and tappy slappy things…
But the true test is when you put on your bass-records for your non-bass playing friends.

I’ll never forget putting on Portrait of Tracy in the car with my friends in high school. I thought it was one of the most beautiful, musical pieces I had ever heard. They got through 0:45 seconds and begggggged me to turn it off. They thought it was awful; annoying; plinky.

Years later, I can completely understand where they were coming from just listening objectively: the solo bass sound is an acquired taste for sure.
Slap/Pop/Tap - it’s amazing… but not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.


Haha, orrrrrr that’s the moment you find new friends. :stuck_out_tongue:



Know your friends.
Play them Jaco.