How to tighten tuners

The tuners on my cheap ubass are loose and I want to tighten them. Should I tighten the screws on the tuning pegs or on the bases of the tuning pegs? Thanks!

In the front of your U Bass is a large nut, you tighten this nut. That squeezes the tuner from behind and keeps it in place. The small lower screw simply sets the tuner in the correct position so that it’s not wonky and square to the headstock.
The real work is done by the large nut on the front.

Here’s an example of the parts. The nut has a thread and that threads into the tuner body. Tightening this keeps it in place.


Thanks, @Barney . . . I wasn’t sure of what he meant . . . :slight_smile:



Awesome, thanks!

You can get dedicated tools for tightening these nuts, use sockets, or risk scratching the finish by using pliers or something.


Pliers? No no nope

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lol, well I did bring up the possibility of damaging the finish XD (because it’s absolutely the wrong tool to use)

There’s a YouTube channel hilariously named Vice Grip Garage.

That’s an awesome channel. The pitch is the he’s a Canadian redneck using words like ‘sparkulator’ for the distribution cap. But he’s in on the joke, he really knows his stuff.

oh yeah. the episodes where he enters burnout contests are amazingly funny for the MURRICA moments :joy:

Not for this, as they are too small, but my parallel jaw flat grip pliers come in quite handy. I have them for sax work but every so often they are just what is needed for other things.

For larger stuff I have the music nomad plastic wrench octopus thing they sell. Not pliers but even more finish protection.

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@john I either use (as suggested by @Koldunya) a socket. I remove the string and the socket head slips nicely over the top, pretty hard to damage anything using this method. Or alternatively I’ve used a multi spanner wrench, if you are careful using it. Both are fine and don’t damage the finish.

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Ya I’ve got that too for when the below doesn’t reach/work.

MusicNomad The Octopus 8 ’N 1 Tech Tool (MN227)

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