How would you pluck this?

I’m learning to play Simple Minds’ Don’t You, and most of it is this pattern:

I can play it (pretty well) with alternating plucking: Index-middle-index, Middle-index-middle, Index-middle-index, Middle-index-middle but I feel like I’m supposed to be plucking with my index finger on the beat.

Should it be Index-index-middle, Index-index-middle, Index-index-middle, Index-index-middle? (I haven’t spend a lot of time trying this out.)

Or Index-middle-ring, Index-middle-ring, Index-middle-ring, Index-middle-ring? (I’ve tried this but would need a lot more practice to do it this way.)

Or something else?



I’d play it I-IM, etc.


I tend to start groupings on my index finger, unless it feels like a “chug”. So for me, that would either be I, I M I, I M I, I M I, I M or I M I M I M I M I M I M.

That said, I probably wouldn’t take advice from me. :smiley:


I just tried this, and it makes a whole lot of sense. Especially since that eighth note is staccato. That dash you put in becomes muting! :exploding_head:

What a revelation! Thanks @MikeC !



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This is not a rule. Be free of this false supposition!
You can play any plucking finger on any beat.
This pattern is a great one for practicing that alternating.
And if you feel that you get a different sound with your different plucking fingers, give it time. They will even out if you’re consistent and you pay attention as you practice!